Privacy Statement

The Handling of Personal Information

The protection of your personal information is of great importance to us at Interweave Concepts Ltd, trading as Two Streets Back (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”). The Company handles the customers’ personal information based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information as well as relevant guidelines in Japan.

(1) The Company possesses a part of the personal information provided to the Company from a customer at the application for travel, etc.

(2) The company shall use the personal information stated in the form that a customer submits at the time of application, for the purpose of making a contact with the customer and within a range necessary for the arrangements of as well as the procedure for the receipt of the travel-related services provided by entities for the transportation and accommodation during the travel that the customer applied for (the major transportation and accommodation entities are stated in the contractual document).   Additionally, the Company may use customers’ personal information to respond to inquiries, ask for customers’ opinions and impressions after travel as well as customers’ answers to our questionnaires, and provide the customers with our service information.

(3) The Company may provide via an electronic or other means, such information as the customer’s name, gender, age, address, telephone number or email address, and the passport number and the credit card number to the transportation and accommodation entities, insurance companies and arrangement agencies, within the range necessary for such arrangement of and procedure for the receipt of the travel services that a customer applied for, or for the Company to be able to be responsible for the travel contract or the procedure for the insurance for the payment of any expenses in case of an accident.

(4) The Company may request personal information of a person to contact in case the customer has an illness or accident, etc. during the travel. The Company may use this personal information in case the customer becomes ill, etc. and the Company acknowledges the necessity of contact with such a person. The customer shall agree to obtain acknowledgement from such a contact person that the customer will provide the Company with his/her personal information.