Japan Travel Specialist

“Two Streets Back” travel is a fully licensed Travel Agency and an active member of JATA, (the Japan Association of Travel Agents),  with a head office based in the ancient Japanese capital of Kyoto, and GSA representation in Brisbane, Australia.

As our name suggests, “Two Streets Back” plan and operate exclusive Small Group Tours that include our own favourite towns and villages, off the beaten track locations, cultural experiences, seasonal surprises, local cuisine, Unesco World Heritage sites, interaction with local people, and of course a lot of fun! 

Our carefully crafted itineraries encourage guests to get up close and personal with Japan, travelling as the locals do, eating where the locals eat, and nurturing friendships with people you meet along the way.

Whether joining one of our popular small group tours, or creating your own unique itinerary with family or special friends, travelling with “Two Streets Back” is a great way to discover the deeper side of Japan.

Licensed by the Japanese Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency Law(Scope of Activities : Domestic Travel)
Registration Number : Travel Agency Registration by the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Number 2-850

Our Fully Guided / All-Inclusive Tours

"We believe a good tour has to have the right balance of sightseeing and free time"

When you book a “Two Streets Back” tour,  there’s no need to worry about speaking the language,  finding your way around confusing streets, standing in line for attractions or struggling to read the simplest menu.  Our professional Tour Managers will show you the best Japan has to offer.  All you need to do is sit back and relax.


  • Fully Escorted
  • Bi-Lingual Guide (Japanese/English)
  • Accommodation (Western & Traditional Japanese)
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Most Lunches (as per itinerary)
  • Most Dinners (as per itinerary)
  • All Entrance Fees & Activities
  • Local/Inter-City Transport including Shinkansen (as per itinerary)
  • Use of Local Guides
  • Luggage Forwarding Service
  • Assistance With Ongoing Travel Arrangements
  • 24 Hour Emergency Assist

Our Small Group Tours

"Experience the real Japan in groups of only 2 to 6 people"

By joining a “Two Streets back” tour you will enjoy more than just sightseeing.  Our  small group tours average a maximum of 6 guests so you can eat in smaller restaurants, stay in cosier hotels or take part in activities not accessible to larger tour groups.  You’ll experience far more interaction with your Tour Manager,  your fellow travellers and curious locals you may meet along the way.  Our experienced Tour Managers are on hand 24/7 to offer tailored advice on ideas for your free time, as well as share their in-depth knowledge of Japanese history ensuring a unique and insightful trip.


Local Food Experiences

"No wonder the United Nation's added traditional Japanese food to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list"

One of the highlights of any “Two Streets Back” tour is to taste real, home-made Japanese food.  Be prepared for the freshest ingredients.  Fish, chicken, pork, rice, miso soup, tofu and vegetables are at the heart of many meals. It is not all raw fish, but sashimi will be offered, and is really worth trying. 

In Japan, food is the best way to engage with local lifestyles and to gain an in-depth experience of regional culture, the daily life of Japanese communities, and individual inhabitants. Our tours take you on a gastronomic journey to meet Japan and its people through cherished culinary traditions.

All of our small group tours offer delicious Japanese and/or Western style breakfasts, dinners, and most lunches, ensuring our guests get the most out of their carefree culinary journey.

Many restaurants & inns are happy to provide meat-free meals if we request them at the time of booking. We can also request meals which are meat-free and without fish and seafood, though fish and seafood feature heavily in the standard Japanese diet.  If requesting meals without fish and seafood, please advise if you can still accept soups and sauces containing the traditional fish stock called “dashi”.  In general it is difficult for  traditional inns and smaller speciality restaurants to produce meals without dashi,  which could potentially limit choices for vegans and other guests with dietary requirements. 

For those with a severe allergy to wheat gluten, eating in Japan can be problematic. Soy sauce and miso both contain small traces of gluten, and these are key ingredients in many Japanese dishes.

Most venues will do their best to cater for special diets, but please submit requests at the time of booking. It may not be possible to accommodate requests made afterwards. Please also be aware that some smaller restaurants may not have the facilities necessary to cook for those with special diets.