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A blissful week: the ultimate 7 day Namibia itinerary

The Ultimate Namibia Itinerary

Coming home from Namibia, I have never felt so relaxed and at ease. And feeling peaceful on a 15 hour flight home (in economy) is no small feat! This short holiday totally recharged me – a feeling that I’ve been chasing on trips since. It was probably luck, but I’ve got to say I think we […]

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11 Tips To Help You Save Money For Travel

How to save money for travel | 11 tips to help you save for your dream trip

So, you’ve booked that dream trip, or it’s about time you do. There’s only one thing standing in your way – money. And you’re asking yourself “how on earth do people save money for travel without *gasp* living at home or giving up avo toast?” I believe that if your goal is something you really […]

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What you need to know about Driving in Namibia

Driving in Namibia - what you need to know.

If Namibia’s on your radar, then you’ve probably realised you’re in for a lot of driving! Travel around Namibia is near impossible without a car, and frankly I think you’d be missing out on something pretty special. Namibia has the second lowest population density of any sovereign country, and driving in Namibia is a great way […]

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