La Fenice Positano: This is the sweet life

If you’re searching for Positano hotels, then you’ve probably already realised that the Positano you’ve been dreaming of doesn’t come cheap.

For this reason, we almost have it a miss. Our Italy itinerary was already jam packed, and if it was going to cost us our kidneys, then Positano seemed like the logical place to cut. If we couldn’t live the “Positano life”, then why would we go?

But then I found La Fenice Positano. Also known as pure bliss, in my mind anyway.

If you’re wondering where to stay in Positano, I can’t recommend this place highly enough.

Let me tell you why…

Two Words: Private Beach

View down to La Fenice Positano's private beach

This little pocket of heaven is the number one reason you should be staying at La Fenice Positano, and why I’ll be telling everyone I know (at least, everyone I like) to stay there too.

This picture perfect wonderland was even better than I’d dreamed. We were thrilled to find that we pretty much always had the beach to ourselves too (we stayed in early June).

La Fenice also has a pool with a gorgeous view… but really, how could you pass this up?!

If you’re feeling energetic, they’ve even got a few kayaks you can borrow to paddle around and explore the close by beach that you can only access by water, or go the whole way over to Positano’s main beach and check out the chaos.

Just be warned, you’ll work up an appetite walking back up those stairs to your room. But hey, it wouldn’t be Positano without stairs!

Views For Days

Ocean view from La Fenice Positano

Let’s be honest, you don’t go to Positano to look out your window at another building. No, you’re there for that gorgeous blue.

A Short Walk From Positano Town

Streetscape as viewed on the walk into town from La Fenice Positano

I’ll be honest, when we booked La Fenice we though that being slightly out of the town may have been a downside. We sucked it up because of the private beach and the affordability factor, but being just out of Positano actually ended up being one of the things we loved most about staying there.

We made the short walk into town on our second day for lunch, and we really didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything at all. In fact, we were pretty damn pleased we weren’t staying there.

Even in early June, the place was crowded. And if you know me, then you know that I hate spending my holiday time around hoards of people. Especially when I’m trying to chill out at the beach!

So while I normally advocate staying as centrally as possible, in some cases it’s certainly not everything – especially when you’ve got access to your own private beach.

And if you do want to walk into town for lunch or a look around, it’s an easy 1km walk.

Close To Casa Mele

Brad choosing wine at Casa Mele, a restaurant just a short walk from La Fenice Positano

If you’ve ever walked home with a serious food coma, then you know that being close to the best restaurant in town is a mega plus.

One of the sons recommended Casa Mele when we arrived. We’d seen it online and prayed that it wasn’t overrated.

Well, it was our best meal in Italy – probably the best of my life.

At €75 each for their four course tasting menu it wasn’t cheap, but I can still remember the meal like it was yesterday (and for the record, it was almost a year ago!!).

If you’re a wine lover, then you’ll be blown away by Casa Mele’s iPad based wine list. Sort by type, price, stars.. or if it’s too overwhelming just ask for a recommendation.

Best of all, Casa Mele is just a short roll back down the hill to La Fenice when you’re ready to collapse.


Family Run

Breakfast served on the balcony at La Fenice Positano

Constantino and his family have owned and run La Fenice Positano for generations.

You’ll get to know the whole family throughout stay. They all pitch in, and while they weren’t intrusive, each of them made an effort to get to know us, check we were happy and offer another coffee at breakfast.

My type of people!

Car Parking

Red sports car driving out the front of La Fenice Positano

I know everyone says you shouldn’t drive to Positano, but having a car meant we could head straight to Puglia when it was time to leave. It also meant we avoided multiple types of transport and transfers left right and centre.

La Fenice has parking onsite, and yes it’s not cheap at €16 per day, but it did save us from backtracking to pick up a car.

Plus, the drive into Positano was *everything*.

Amazing Value

Enjoying the view and beautiful clear ocean at La Fenice Positano

You really can’t argue with the value La Fenice Positano presents to travellers. Especially when you consider their private beach, charming rooms and delicious breakfast.

We stayed in June 2017 and paid €170 per night for our room with a ceiling fan, sea view and balcony. This also included breakfast.


I’ll admit, I fondly remember this place with slightly rose tinted glasses. However, the only thing I could possibly fault was their bedding. The mattress and pillows could probably use an upgrade… but to be honest, I’m picking here in an effort to be balanced. It really didn’t bother us that much.

It is family run, so don’t expect everything to be perfect. It’s you’re used to being totally pampered then it’s probably not the place for you.

So, Is La Fenice Positano The Place For You?

If you’re looking for boutique Positano accomodation that offers something special (and won’t send you broke), then La Fenice might just be your dream come true.

I told Constantino we’d be back one day, and I wasn’t kidding. Our experience in Positano would have been completely different if we stayed elsewhere. And by different, I mean begrudgingly renting a umbrella at spiaggia grande, and/or plotting our escape to nearby towns.

I hope you love La Fenice Positano as much as we did!