Hey there, I’m Charlotte!

Sydneysider, coffee-addict, dog mama and traveller with big dreams to help millennial women and their partners spend less time in the office and more time wandering this gorgeous world.


About Charlotte from Two Streets Back

I grew up in a really small Aussie town (I’m talking population 2,500 small) and couldn’t have dreamed up the life I’ve created for myself today. Sure, I’m still workin’ my 9-5 – but over the last 6 years I’ve had some pretty amazing travel experiences and taught myself that you don’t need a trust fund, sugar daddy or glamorous job to travel the world.

You just need to want to make it happen.

Whether you’ve got your bucket list meticulously ordered and stuck on your fridge (??guilty!), or you’re open to going anywhere and everywhere (as long as it’s away from your cubicle) – you’re in the right place.

Whatever your story, something tells me that you want to spend less time daydreaming and more time seeing the world. Amiright? ?

But maybe you..

  • Never have enough money, or don’t know how to make your dream trip work within your budget
  • Need a hand building your itinerary (flights, hotels, money, things to do… it’s a lot!)
  • Are struggling to find the time… after all, annual leave doesn’t grow on trees
  • Don’t even know where to start

I’ve been there…

In 2012 I dragged my (then new-ish) boyfriend, Brad, out of the country to spend a month backpacking around Vietnam and Cambodia. To be honest, I didn’t know where to start… I remember spending days on end sitting at my computer, pouring over Google. Every time I’d work something out, there was something else to do! Where should we go? How do we get there? Where should we stay? What’s this sleeper train business? How do you book a ticket in a different country when they don’t have a website? Hang on, how do you even pay for this stuff without being majorly ripped off?!

Well, it’s fair to say that it all turned out well in the end – six years later we’ve been lucky enough to share some amazing travel experiences together and we’re still putting every spare dollar and day towards pursuing our travel dreams.

About Charlotte from Two Streets Back


I started Two Streets Back to equip women just like you with everything they need to get on that plane! I’m talking travel resources, money saving and planning tips, and of course a healthy dose of wanderlust.

Got big dreams? About time to make them happen? You’re in the right place!